CFCL01 - Cultivating a First Commandment Lifestyle (2019) 中文

CFCL02 - Loving God is the First and Great Commandment.(2019) 中文.pdf

CFCL03 Session 3 - The First Commandment and the Book of Revelation 中文.pdf

CFCL04 - Abiding in Love-The Ultimate Reality of the Kingdom.KD 中文.pdf

CFCL05 - Stage #2 Understanding God’s Love For His People.KD1 中文.pdf

CFCL06 - Stage #3 Loving Jesus With Our Whole Person.KD1 中文.pdf

CFCL07 - Stage #4 Loving Ourselves in the Love of God.pdf

CFCL08 - Stage #5 Loving Jesus by Loving One Another.KD1 中文.pdf

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